Military Training



Craft aims to provide the most current and effective training available to the armed forces of the United States and its allies. Our staff possesses decades of collective combat-honed military experience, and we understand the importance of realistic, intense training and preparation.

We understand every unit's needs are different, and will work with you to develop a program that fits the needs and responsibilities of your operators, giving them the tools they will need in combat.

In addition to customizable courses, we offer a number of courses designed specifically for military operators.

Craft Sniper Courses

Craft Level I Sniper

Craft Level II Sniper

Craft Level III Sniper Team Leader

Craft Level III Sniper Instructor

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Craft Counter Terrorist Courses

Craft Counter Sniper

Craft Urban Sniper

Sniper Response to a Public Venue

Craft Covert Surveillance Operator

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Combative Transitions to Your Firearm (Military Police)

Combative Carbine with SACP™

Straight to Penetrate

Combative Carbine to Blade, Pistol, Empty Hand Transitions

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Specialty Courses

Aerial Platform

Dignitary Protection- Overt

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craft international training stadium sniper course
craft international military sniper courses
Tacflow CQC Close Quarter Combat Courses
Craft International Aerial Platform Course