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Because our courses are not only taught by the best, but also designed by our in-house experts, all of the courses below can be custom tailored to meet your needs.

Aerial Platform

One (1) or Two (2) Day Course

An often overlooked asset is an agencies aerial asset (helicopter,) which can serve as an aerial engagement platform with tremendous accuracy and effectiveness. Craft International's Aerial Platform Course allows for high levels of accuracy from hovering, slow and medium speed aerial assets by incorporating a proven mathematical formula and associated shot placement graph. The course also covers mission planning, aircraft set-up, aircrew/shooter roles, and safety considerations when utilizing the aerial asset as a shooting platform.

Craft International's experienced staff can provide officer, instructor and aircrew training.

AZ Post Certification - 07-219

Craft Active Shooter Level I

Two (2) Day Course

This course offers a historical perspective on the "active shooter," be the perpetrator criminal or terrorist, and what has been proven to be "best practices" by agencies around the world, when responding to an active shooter in order to deter or neutralize a threat as soon as possible to stop the killing. Students will learn basic room clearing techniques and team movement composed of 2-5 persons. Force-on-Force drills are an option when Sims™ equipment is available along with appropriate facility for Sims™ use

Advanced First Responder Medic

Two (2) Day Course

Our Advanced Medic 2 day course is a looks like, feels like, results oriented experience for officers, operators and their teams.

We combine classroom and hands on learning in the most updated instructional environment.

A traumatic event or serious injury is commonly one of the least planned-for situations. We believe these are necessary skills every officer or operator should be exposed to and ready for.  The tactical application of combat medicine offered by Craft International raises the medical capability of non-medic assaulters and law enforcement officers. This added capability will provide life saving skills when time is of the essence and in non-permissive situations. This course will teach you how and when to respond, and will build the operator’s confidence through repetition. Sometimes the best “medicine” is superior fire power!  

The instructors for this event have: multiple combat deployments, experiences, and numerous awards from many overseas combat theaters. Units such as: USASOC, AFSOC, USNAVSWC, and the U.S. Army Special Forces Command.

Course developed by Instrucor Johnny Wilson.



Aerial Platform Course
Aerial Platform Course
Active Shooter
Active Shooter
Ballistic Wound Care and Extraction Course