Law Enforcement Training



Craft International recognizes the importance of providing law enforcement officers with comprehensive training to address a wide array of increasingly dangerous and sophisticated threats. Many of our staff have extensive law enforcement experience and have trained various police and SWAT units around the country.

In addition to customizable courses, we offer a number of courses ideal for law enforcement officers.

Craft Sniper Courses

Craft Level I Sniper

Craft Level II Sniper

Craft Level III Sniper Team Leader

Craft Level III Sniper Instructor

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Craft Large Caliber Courses

Craft Large Caliber Rifle Operator

Craft Large Caliber Rifle Instructor

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Craft Counter Terrorist Courses

Police Sniper Response to a Public Venue

Police Sniper Response to a Public Venue Level II

Craft Counter Sniper

Craft Urban Sniper

Craft Border Interdiction Course

Craft Covert Surveillance Operator

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Close Quarter Combat Courses

Combative Transitions to Your Firearm

UC Narcotics Combative Transitions to Your Firearm from Concealment & Vehicle Fighting


Combative Carbine with SACP

TACFLOW Tactical Concepts with Structural Alignment Combative Principles SACP

Prevailing against Edged Weapons

Dignitary Protection- Police Protective Detail

Patrol Ground Fighting/ Counter Grappling

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Specialty Courses

Aerial Platform

Craft Active Shooter Level I

Craft Active Shooter Level II

Advanced First Responder Medic

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Driving Courses

Fully Customizable Courses

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Sniper Course
Sniper Course

Rigo Durazo of Craft International possess a level of skill, training and real world experience that is un-matched. His professionalism and dedication are superior and they have been selfless and enthusiastic in their support of our association.


Pat Hickcox
Vice-President, ATOA

50 Cal
Border Interdiction
Texas Tactical Officers Association

We are proud to work with the Texas Tactical Police Officers Association.

Border Interdiction
combative transitions
Rocky Mountain Tactical Associtation

We are proud to work with the Rocky Mountain Tactical Association.

Craft CQC Tacflow Courses
Craft Aerial Platform Course
Craft Driving Courses