Craft International's approach to training is reality and experienced-based. Craft draws heavily upon the collective experiences of their instructor cadre who have, and still do operate at a level of responsibility that is entrusted to only true professionals who are consummate students in their own right of their respective "crafts".

Craft believes highly in the following: Instructors instruct, but teachers teach and will find a way to reach all students through a variety of modalities and methods. Craft International's instructors are teachers who exemplify humility, professionalism, and expertise. Craft instructors display a tremendous amount of respect for their students so they have the best "real life experience" while training with Craft.

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Military Training

In addition to our standard courses we can customize a training program to meet the specific needs of your unit. Whether you require large-scale pre-deployment training or specific instruction in one particular skill, we can accommodate your needs. Students can be trained at our Desert Training facility outside of Phoenix, AZ, or where needed. We also offer unique training locations as "facilitators" whereas Craft International handles all logistical aspects for a unit to conduct their own training.

Military Course Descriptions


Law Enforcement

Craft offers a number of courses for Law Enforcement and have a vast network of instructors with extensive backgrounds in a variety of subjects. Many of our instructors have a combination of military, law enforcement and defense contractor experience to draw upon in order to support the curriculum anecdotally and deliver exception training.

Law Enforcement Courses


TACFLOW ™ Combative Training Program

Why are some people successful in conflict, while others struggle or fail? How is it that the most technically proficient individuals can be broken down under pressure? To answer these questions, we look beyond the technical aspect of movements and begin to fine tune them using behavioral science. Linking purpose to actions, we teach how to align one's body with their intentions, enabling them to dominate their opponent. Tacflow™ means to tactically flow amongst technologies using the science of precision and the simplicity of intelligence. Our program uses behavioral coded learning, which is key for combative disciplines- from the hands on phase, to shooting and movement skills. Structural Alignment Combative Principles- SACP™ are the foundation of the Tacflow™ Close Quarter Combat (CQC) program. By using commonalities in behavior for multiple disciplines, students learn to utilize these combative shapes to solve multiple problems.

TACFLOW Combative Program


Civilian and Corporate Training

Craft International offers training to law abiding civilians looking to increase their own self reliance to protect themselves or their families, or to increase their long range rifle skills as sportsmen.

Civilian Training Courses