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Thank you for choosing Craft International LLC to meet your training needs. As a military or law enforcement professional, we understand your time is valuable.

We are honored to be able to share with you the lessons learned from our instructors, many of whom have walked in similar paths as yourself, and some of whom continue to still do so today.

Through these lessons, experiences, in-depth studies, pain, sweat, tears and, in some cases, blood, CRAFT has developed a curriculum rooted in solid fundamentals that have been time tested and proven under a variety of operational conditions.

Our goal with our courses is to do one thing – make you better by providing the skills necessary to dominate your adversary.

It's never about what we have done and where we have been; only how well we can articulate it all to you. We strive to be true teachers, and not merely instructors.

We are humbled to be a part of your continuing search and refinement of your chosen craft. Thank you for your continued service, dedication and sacrifice in protecting this great nation, at home and abroad.

Craft International LLC


About Craft


Craft International, LLC (CRAFT) is a consulting and training services provider offering a wide range of services and training to federal, state and local customers. CRAFT specialize in providing turnkey mission solutions to ensure complete operation success. CRAFT is driven to provide unmatched consulting and training for our nation's Special Operators and First Responders. In an ever changing world, mission preparation and training are essential to success and CRAFT is at the forefront. We were founded by a mix of Special Operations Forces Operators and successful businessmen. CRAFT is a leader in integrated training and security solutions for operations in austere environments and situations.


John Wayne Walding teaching
Rigo Durazo Pistol

CRAFT is committed to providing a combination of management consulting, technical expertise, and operational knowledge to provide training and solutions for its customers. CRAFT was co-founded by one of the top snipers in the history of American Armed Forces upon his honorable discharge in 2009. CRAFT employs a remarkable team of subject matter experts in a variety of specialties who share in the goal to provide the best training and solutions to those who need it most. Since its inception, CRAFT has grown significantly and now provides professional consulting and management solutions in addition to training.


CRAFT distinguishes itself from other similar organizations through a mix of success in business and a deep bench of subject matter experts. We draw heavily upon the collective experiences of our instructor cadre who have, and in many respects still do, operate at a high level of responsibility. These professionals have been down range with their boots on the ground, and these experiences are reflected in our programs. CRAFT aims to provide the most current and effective training available to the armed forces of the United States and its allies. Our team has decades of collective combat-honed military experience, and we understand the importance of realistic, intense training and preparation.

CRAFT's strength lies in our instructors and subject matter experts. Through their service to our country, they have gained specialized skills that very few possess and, more importantly, they have implemented these skills and advanced their expertise in the most stressful of situations.

Craft Instructor
counter sniper

CRAFT has the competencies, experiences, and necessary facilities to be an essential training provider to SOF customers. We currently offer curriculum relevant to the special operators of our elite forces and can leverage these for future programs. CRAFT is uniquely positioned, connected, geographically located, and staffed with all the elements to deliver solutions for our customers.

We understand that discretion and low visibility are essential elements to particular training programs and are committed to these elements. Staying out of the spotlight and implementing a discreet profile are key actions we value greatly.


Since its founding, CRAFT has been committed to operating in a complete and cohesive manner. We aim to develop solutions and improve our customers' and partners' abilities. We adapt as necessary and evolve to produce lasting results for our customers and partners. Our success lies in the holistic and integrated strategies that we implement to mitigate risks and produce success. Our customers can attest to our ability to deliver positive outcomes without issue. We solve problems and leave lasting results.

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